Getting Started as a Podcasting Newbie

Getting Started as a Podcasting Newbie

"FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Success" - John Lee Dumas
“FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Success” – John Lee Dumas

Super simple or crazy complicated?

Launching a podcast can be very straightforward:  Record, then post.

Super simple, right? Not so fast, sparky.

Launching a professional podcast that is polished and can serve as the hub of an online business is something else entirely!

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Doing it right involves much more:

  • Building a website and a connected network of online presences
  • Assembling and learning to use the right equipment and software
  • Planning an editorial calendar and recruiting guests
  • Editing and publishing
  • Developing collateral materials
  • Planning and executing a marketing strategy
  • Optimizing for SEO
  • Developing metrics to ensure you are effectively engaging your key stakeholders
  • Conducting research and (this is critical) learning from your audience
  • And so much more!

The good news is that it is all possible, and there are resources available and people ready to help!

Where to start?

To navigate this new landscape, I turned to several podcasting gurus.

I learned a ton from John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income fame. JLD offers a treasure trove of resources, including a free podcast course*. Pat Flynn also offers a rich set of resources for the budding podcaster, including his own free “How to start a podcast” tutorial.

If you really want to jump in with both feet, I highly recommend joining Podcasters’ Paradise*; it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about podcasting. This one investment alone has saved me countless hours. Perhaps more importantly, it helped me move past “stuck” to “podcast!”

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