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  1. Mark,
    It was a pleasure meeting you this morning. I am listening to some of your podcasts now and they are amazing. I am not trying to get all religious on you, but God put you in my pathway this morning. I am grateful that I met you. When I was telling you my story about me getting into acting, I tried not to get emotional, but I could not help it because it is a pivotal part of my growing process. At that moment, I knew that you cannot grow without going through some pain, rain, and slips & falls. I pray that your podcasts open many more doors for you and your career. I hope one day I can call you my friend.

    1. Sam,
      It really was a delight to meet you! You are off to a wonderful start on a new adventure and career in acting; so exciting! If I can help in any way, please let me know.
      Your friend,

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