Better PR Now

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Better PR Now provides knowledge, tools, and other resources to help professional communicators become more effective. Many of us are great at using tactics, such as press releases, media interviews, social media posts, collateral materials, etc. But these are merely pieces of the puzzle. To be really effective (and essential!), we need to see the bigger picture.

This means thinking strategically, understanding and engaging our stakeholders, using research to plan and evaluate our communication programs, and connecting our work with the organization’s bottom line.

The Better PR Now podcast is for public relations, public affairs, media relations, government relations, strategic communication, marketing, and corporate communication professionals. Every episode delivers great insights, tips, and professional advice as I talk with top practitioners and cutting edge researchers to find best practices and hone our communication skills.

Learn the secrets to success, the tools they use, and lessons learned. If you want to be a more effective, more influential, and more successful professional communicator, join me as we improve Public Relations, one conversation at a time.

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